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Top tips for choosing a wedding photographer

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Choosing your wedding photographer is a mixture of heart and head - but here's some pointers to help you get it right...

1. Fix your budget

Start by deciding your budget for your wedding photography. Search for people within that price range that are near to you and whose photos you LOVE. If you fall in love with a photographer from further afield, then great, but you’ll also pay for their transport costs and sometimes their overnight stay.

2. Decide on a style

Think about whether you want formal, documentary or editorial type shots. If you need more help, read my blog which explains what documentary photography is and what to expect.

3. Ask to see an example of a whole wedding

Make sure a wedding photographer can show you examples of a wedding from start to finish - not just the best selects from lots of different weddings. You want to know they can produce hundreds of great shots, not one brilliant shot out of a hundred mediocre ones.

4. Check their availability

Photographers get booked up quickly - sometimes years in advance! Once you have a favourites list, get in touch sooner rather than later to find out if they have your date available.

5. Ask about deposit

Check about how much deposit they need upfront and when they require payment. Last year a poor couple reached out to me after losing a massive deposit as a result of having to cancel with another photographer during covid. Its absolutely necessary for photographers to ask for some sort of deposit otherwise they stand to lose vital income if bookings are made with little intention of a commitment. However, I personally think these deposits shouldn't be too excessive either. I would be wary of any photographer not asking for any form of deposit - remember they can just as easily cancel on you.

6. Meet them in advance

Try to meet (in person or online) with the favourite photographers on your list. Go with the person who you really connect with. Remember, the photographer is the person you will spend most time with on your wedding day and there needs to be a huge level of trust.

Look for clues they are reliable and professional! For example, did they get back to you promptly when you first messaged them? Did they write back in a way that was courteous and helpful?

7. Read reviews

It's not so much about how many star ratings a photographer has (anyone can leave a google star!) but the sentiment expressed in the testimonials. Read what other couples really thought of their photographer. You'll soon get an eye for those authentic reviews. As well has looking at Google stars and Facebook reviews, check out the photographer's own website. If they have received great feedback, they will have published it there.

8. Ask questions

Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. A photographer should be happy to help and be forthcoming with how they would expect to work and support you on the day. They should bring lots of experience and advice to you - but at the same time not be too pushy or overbearing.

9. Check time scales

Find out how long they will take to provide the images after your wedding. If you have a tight deadline, do let them know in advance.

10. Do they have the package for you?

Photographers usually present a number of packages so you can go with what you can afford and want. But they should also have a bit of flexibility - so it's worth talking to them if you are looking for something "off the shelf".

Best of luck choosing. I'd of course love to be your chosen photographer, but it's important you hunt around and do your research to get the perfect fit. I'm happy to answer any questions at any stage of your decision making so please do get in touch if you need to. Sometimes it's good to go with your gut instinct. If they are experienced, available, likeable, within your price range, and take a jolly good picture - then they are probably a great fit for you!

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